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In 2017, designer and goldsmiths Huffy created the unique Aurora necklace, which was nestled in a precious jewel box made of copper. Both the necklace and the box were donated for the third edition of the charity auction of CREAID organization. 

The precious box pays tribute to Huffy's past work. The russet body is inspired by the CopperLand Collection, the intricate silver ornamentation on all four corners is a throwback to his Jugendstil Collection, while the ebony pendant mount is a direct reference to his Fluidity and Sprezzatura Collection.

Materials: 9K yellow gold, 9K grey gold and white diamonds (0,04ct) for the necklace - copper, black plated silver 925o  and ebony wood for the box, blue acrylic paint.

Made to order. Price available upon request.


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